Pakistan Natural Disasters

Recent studies hint at an increased incidence of calamitous events due both to natural phenomena and dangerous human activities. At times these two factors come together, generating catastrophes capable of causing immense human and material losses and irreversible harm to the environment.

States affected by disasters often sought help from the international community which assisted concerned populations providing relief. In doing so, involved actors confronted with a fragmented and deficient international legal framework. As a consequence, the effectiveness of assistance action had been frequently compromised.

Moreover, at present international regulation of disaster prevention and mitigation activities appears to be unsatisfactory. Indeed, only few legal instruments exist which, what is more, only apply to specific categories of disasters, or either are regional in scope. The large majority of them have no binding effect.

The IDL Project generally aims at uncovering those aspects, in the belief that a more through legal regulation might help reducing the destructive potential of disasters and their human and material costs. The perusal will indeed help in discovering legal gaps and inconsistencies, and will be instrumental to the formulation of recommendations meant at addressing them – in order to eventually render more effective those international mechanisms aimed at disaster prevention and management.