Agreement between Governments of Member States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Cooperation in Delivery of Assistance for Emergency Liquidation

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015

Article 3 – Request for Assistance and Exchange of Information

1. The authorities that send requests for assistances shall be the Parties.

2. Assistance shall be delivered upon a written request specifying place, time, nature, scale and current state of emergency as well as the priorities of requested assistance.

3. The supplying Party shall in the shortest possible time review the request of the requesting Party and inform it of types and volume as well as conditions for delivery of assistance. Should it be impossible to deliver assistance, the information shall be immediately supplied to the requesting Party.

4. Each of the Parties shall take all the necessary measures to prevent dissemination of emergency occurred in its state territory to the state territory of other Parties. Should the threat of such dissemination occur and it would be impossible to prevent it with its own efforts, the Party shall immediately inform other concerned Parties thereof and, if necessary, may send a request for assistance in line with this Agreement.

5. The data referred to in item 2 thereof shall be regularly updated to reflect latest events and changes in the scene of emergency.