How does the database work?

The Database allows searches on the basis of the following filters:

  • Geographical area (global, Africa,  Americas, Asia pacific, Europe and central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, other)
  • Type of disaster (natural, human-made or multi-hazard)
  • Disaster Management Phase (Prevention – Preparedness – Response – Recovery)
  • Type of instrument (global, regional, sub-regional, bilateral, soft law)
  • Key terms (grouped in the following clusters: definitions, prevention and preparedness, assistance, assistance activities, mission-related issues, goods and equipment, relief personnel, recovery and reconstruction)

For instance, if you want to know how instruments adopted in the African continent regulate the issue of the entry of foreign relief personnel in a disaster-stricken State, you will select “Africa” form the “Geographical area” menu and “entry of relief personnel in the affected territories” from the “relief personnel” menu under “key terms”, and then click on “submit”.

You can narrow or broaden your search using the filters on the left-hand side of the results page. The results screen will be modified each time you use a filter. In the previous example, if you want to expand your search to instruments adopted in other geographical areas select one or more of them within the “Geographical area” menu and then click on “submit”.

The search results are returned in chronological order (starting from the provisions contained in the most recently adopted instrument).

You can also use the SEARCH field to perform a search by entering a single term or a phrase.