What is included in the Database?

The Database covers international instruments related to the various phases of the disaster cycle (Prevention – Preparedness – Response – Recovery).
The instruments included belong to two main categories:

• Treaties and other binding instruments (e.g. global, regional, sub-regional or bilateral international agreements, secondary law produced by international organizations)

• Soft law documents (e.g. Resolutions – Declarations of principles – Technical standards – Codes of conduct – Guidelines)

While the majority of the texts are in English, documents in French, Spanish and German have also been included where no English translation was found. The full text of all instruments included is available here.

The Database aims at complementing the Disaster Law Database maintained by the International Federation of the Red Cross. The IFRC Database allows searches of full-text national and international materials. The present Database is only concerned with international instruments, but instead of simply providing the text of the entire instrument it supplies a list of the particular provisions in which a specific term or activity is mentioned or addressed.
For each instrument, the Database provides the date of adoption and of entry into force (if applicable). If you are interested in additional information on a specific instrument (State parties, reservations, etc.) please refer to the IFRC Database, the databases run by the United Nations Treaty Collection or, for agreements to which the EU is a party, the Agreements Database of the Council of the EU.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Emanuele Sommario, Claudia Morini or Alice Riccardi.