The Bologna IDLP Unit Launches the “IDRL in Italy: a Study on Strenghtening Legal Preparedness for International Disaster Response”


May 2015

The IDL Project is proud to disseminate the Report:

IDRL in Italy: A Study on Strenghtening Legal Preparedness for International Disaster Reponse.

The Report was commissioned by the Italian Red Cross and theInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and prepared by dr. Mauro Gatti under the supervision of dr. Federico Casolari (coordinator of the Bologna unit of the IDL Project).

The Report, which is part of a wider study on the legal and policy frameworks of countries in the EU, acknowledges that Italy is often struck by catastrophes and has developed an effective response mechanism, but may require international assistance in case of particularly serious disasters. The analysis, published in the framework of the IFRC disaster law programme, seeks to identify the major obstacles that existing rules create for international cooperation in the event of disasters in Italy. It seeks also to point out solutions (mostly legislative ones) that may contribute to enhancing international cooperation in the response to disasters occurring in Italy.

The report can be downloaded from the IFRC website, either in English or Italian.

IDLP Team Provided Support in the Drafting of the Seventh Report of the ILC Special Rapporteur dr. Valencia-Ospina

June – July 2014 – Geneva, Switzerland


At its sixty-sixth session in 2014, the International Law Commission had before it the seventh report of the Special Rapporteur on the Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters, dr. Eduardo Valencia-Ospina. In the report itself, the latter acknowledged with appreciation the assistance offered in its preparation by Prof. Giulio Bartolini, dr. Federico Casolari and dr. Emanuele Sommario, unit coordinators of the IDLP.

The IDL Project participates in the Operation Twist – Tidal Wave In Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

24-27 October 2013 – Salerno


Members of the IDL Project participated as international observers in the Operation Twist – Tidal Wave In Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, organized by the Italian Civil Protection and co-financed by the EU Commission.

The Operation – which lasted three days and involved around 2,500 military and civilian personnel – was aimed at simulating a tidal waive in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea.

For further information see the website of the Italian Civil Protection Department.

Photo courtesy of Federico Casolari

.Il logo dell'esercitazione Twist


The IDL Team presents the IDL Project to the Italian Ministry of Defence – CASD

18 September 2013 – Rome, Italy

On 18 September 2013, dr. Giulio Bartolini and dr. Emanuele Sommario – members of the IDL Project Coordinating Team – participated in a round-table on International Disaster Law within XXXIV Edition of the CO.CI.M. Course (Civil-Military Cooperation).

The round-table was the occasion for them to present the IDL Project to the roughly one hundred participants in the Course – who are Italian and foreign high ranking officials, senior officers of governamental agencies working in the Civil-Military Cooperation context, and members of the Italian Red Cross. In particular, dr. Emanuele Sommario offered a presentation entitled “International Disaster Response law: inquadramento degli strumenti di diritto internazionale pertinenti in caso di disastro”, whereas Dr. Giulio Bartolini spoke about “L’utilizzo di assets militari nelle emergenze internazionali. Analisi dei rilevanti strumenti di soft law”.

For more information on the event, visit the Italian Ministry of Defence website.