The Croce Rossa Italiana (CRI) – Italian Red Cross is the Italian national Red Cross society and is a founding member of the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC). The CRI performs a number of tasks, including healthcare and social activities, as well as emergency response, both in Italy and abroad. Notable interventions abroad are those in Haiti (2010), Japan (2011) and  the Horn of Africa (2011).

The management of disasters is one of the main activities for the Italian Red Cross at the national and international level. This function has implied the development of research and training activities on IDRL, with a joint role for both the Department for Emergency Activities and the National Commission for the Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law (IHL Commission). The IHL Commission prepares research analysis and is actively involved in training programmes in these issues, as the IX National congress for IHL trainers on “Humanitarian action in cases of natural disasters” (Gaeta, 2010).

Senior officers of the Italian Red Cross and researchers studying IDRL issues will be included in scientific activities of different units, for instance in order to analyse issues concerning the implementation of disaster relief operations. In particular, the IDL team is preparing, on behalf of CRI, an IFRC report identifying the gaps and best practices in Italian disaster response law, notably with respect to international cooperation in the aftermath of catastrophes. The partnership with CRI can also be useful in the dissemination phase of the research findings, also through joint activities.


Photo courtesy of Tommaso della Longa,