Coordinated by dr. Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani – who also serves as the IDL Project National Coordinator – and complemented by dr. Alice Riccardi, dr. Marina Mancini and dr. Silvia Scarpa, the Uninettuno Unit is responsible to address the issue of the rights, obligations and responsibilities of disaster affected States. To this end, the role of the territorial State in response to disasters will be assessed, with a specific focus on the features of State consent to humanitarian access. Adopting a victim-centered perspective, the Unit will then endeavour to shed light on the minimum standards of treatment under human rights law to which disaster victims are entitled and on the existence (or the emergence) of a human right to humanitarian assistance. The unit will also concentrate on the legal and institutional framework pertaining to disaster prevention and on the corresponding obligations of the affected State. Please find here below the personal page of Uninettuno affiliated researchers.



Flavia Zorzi Giustiniani


Alice Riccardi



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Silvia Scarpa