The main objective of the IDL Project is the one of improving the effectiveness of the international mechanisms aimed at disaster prevention and management. In order to gain such goal, the Project intends to:

  • Identify existing International Law norms regulating disaster prevention and management
  • Develop a shared vocabulary of IDL-related terms
  • Classify rights, duties and responsibilities of States, IOs and non-State actors
  • Develop a catalogue of rights to which disasters’ victims are entitled
  • Define the legal framework that regulates the implementation of international relief operations
  • Describe regional mechanisms in the are of disaster response
  • Assess the degree to which IDL has been incorporated into domestic legal systems

Eventually, by achieving these specific objectives, the IDL Project will contribute to the identification of existing gaps, improve awareness among relevant actors and encourage scholarly debate on the topic.


Over the course of the IDL Project, members of the team provide regular output, with both the aims of fuelling the academic debate on themes related to International Disaster Law and addressing the general public. Multiple outputs are being produced, consisting of: (i) events (conference, seminars, workshops); (ii) scientific publications (articles, books, working papers, newseletter); (iii) code of conducts and manuals aimed at promoting the application of IDL by relevant stakeholders; (iv) normative proposals in order to specifically address the shortcomings of the Italian legal system.